July 5th, Move-in date!

BUT. we still have to wait a month to move in. :(
But 1 month is better than the 3 the housing office was speculating. Here is the floor plan!
3 Bedroom / 1, 1.5, 2 Bath Options - 1,080-1,389 Sq Ft
Ours has a second bathroom... I think in the master bedroom....

In between the garage and the entry there is a nice covered out door living space. Which I am super excited for! The evenings are so nice here and the sunsets are so beautiful! I think we will be spending a lot of time out there! I am so excited about having our own house! We are in TLF (Temporary Living Facility) which isn't too bad but having more than 500 sq ft to live in would be nice!  

EEEK!!! I am so excited! 

***** UPDATE!*******

I did a drive by shooting yesterday... so here are some of the blurry photos!

So the gray car is under the carport that is connected to the garage.

There is the garage and the HUGE Bushes!

A little bit more of the side of the house....

This is the outdoor space I am stoked to decorate! :) 

I'll go back to day and take some better pictures :) The lawn needs a little bit of work... and those bushes..... oh my....

And here is the side of the house... you see the sliding doors... they don't lead to anything.. they lead to a bush. lol