Chevron Pots.. I think so!

While at Ross here in Enid, OK I found these GORGEOUS chevron pots!

I got two 9 inch pots (blue chevron and orange chevron) for $5.99 and a 12 inch pot (green chevron) for $9.99.  I know these will be a great graphic pattern in our future outdoor living space.
 I'm thinking this will be the color scheme of my porch/outdoor living room will be lime, robin's egg blue, tangerine, and white.

I am TOTALLY eyeing these globe lights from Target! Only $12.99 for a 25 ft strand (25 bulbs)! That is a GREAT price compared to some from Pottery Barn's $35 for "41' long; comes with 20 bulbs." 

So Yes please! On 13 bucks! Good thing I can order them online! 

There isn't a Target here in Enid. :(
I have also been thinking about seating and dining table for the porch. I don't know if I want a table out there 24/7 or if I just want one that I can pull out when I need it. I am thinking a bench or a day bed of some sort for seating. It definitively has to be comfy with tons of pillows to plop on and watch the little one play on the grass. 


What are your thoughts on the color scheme? Do you think it will be okay in an outdoor living space?

and Oh man.. I wish we had a Home Depot Here. They have an  outdoor rug for $18 Bucks! I am totally going to get this and paint a fun design on it! 

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