3 Weeks Til Commissioning!

So t-minus 3 weeks til Hubby's Commissioning in the Air Force. I am going insane. We don't have our orders yet which means we can't coordinate with movers. Some of the other cadets who go active duty after we do, already have their orders. So I am trying not to go nuts. I am so looking forward to getting a house. That is one of the benefits of living on base, which we decided to do since we will only be at Vance AFB for about a year. The Hubby will be a 2nd Lt on May 3rd, which is a Company Grade Officer or CGO. These are the houses we could get.
Two Story 

One Story

I'm wanting the one story house that way I don't have to worry about Quail and stairs, which she absolutely loves! The closer it gets, the more excited I get! I will be excited to   place again. (we've been living at my parents for the past year and a half.)

Now.. the only down side of this.... TORNADOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some just ripped through OK. Which makes me nervous. VERY nervous. I am thinking a well packed 72 Hour Kits are in our future. Like tomorrow.... since we will be moving there right in the middle of tornado season. Maybe that's what I will talk my husband into doing since tomorrow he doesn't have work! 

But back to more happy things...  I hope you all had a great weekend and will have a wonderful, productive, tornado free week! 

*** So Update*** we didn't get either of these houses. I guess these are mostly used by Enlisted families. But this the house that we did get!