Free House & Hone The Wrinkled Book Pages Storyboard!

Hey guys! It's day 3 and storyboard number 3! 

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A little bit about the Book of Mormon that I photographed
I purchased this Book of Mormon at Deseret Industries, a thrift store in Utah. It was published in 1944. I love the gorgeous navy blue cover with curly designs pressed into the corners. There was a photograph pressed between the pages with, "Grounds at the back of temple." scribed on the back in feminine cursive. I wish it noted which temple it was.  On a folded, thin piece of paper there are the lyrics to, “In Our Lovely Deseret” printed in faded black ink that has turned purple. My favorite line from the song is, “Wear your dresses to your knees; Not so tight you dare not sneeze.” If I was to sing that song, I would’ve had a hard time not giggling. 1 Nephi 4:6 is lightly underlined in gray pencil; “And I was led by the Spirit, not knowing beforehand the things which I should do.” I wonder what thoughts and impressions the reader had while they marked this verse. I love how smooth the pages feel under my fingertips as I turn the cream colored pages. The gold title on the spine is faded from years of being held.  And many more years will it continue to be held as our family reads from this copy of the Book of Mormon. 

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