Moving, Organizing, Making Play Toys from Old Curling Irons

Talk about a long title for a post. I thought about seprating them into different posts but I thought they were just fine in one since the topics flow so well least they did in my head. :D

So I am stuck between a rock and a hard place.

We're moving with the Air Force to Vance AFB in Oklahoma for my husband's pilot training.

The big problem is.... we don't know when. They said we would find out the when sometime this month. But with my luck we will find out a month in advance.

*********** UPDATE !!!! WE FOUND OUT WHEN WE ARE MOVING!!!!!! Ish... it is around May 6th. That is Right after graduation! Like the day after.********

But that is not my big problemo. It is that I have an urge to create and decorate but whats the point when you could be moving in 3 months. We live in my parents basement so I am stoked to be getting a house when we move! :)  Thank you Air Force for Base Housing!

So I decided to put decorating urges on hold and started moving towards getting ready for the move.

So I  was organizing my pantry.......

More like it threw up in my kitchen.

If it were up to me, I would just be packing things into boxes right now but, since we are having the Air Force move us, its pointless since they would just  unpack everything to repack it.

So while going through my things part of me is like, "OH! I could use this to craft something!" but my other half is like, "Emily you need to cut down YOUR CRAP! You really don't have anywhere to put this. Do you really want to haul it around to just eventually decided that you are just going to toss it? So why not just toss it now."

Like one thing I was going to toss were these curling irons and blow dryers. But then I thought what a perfect play toy!

So as a reminder next time you are going through your bathroom cabinets, turn your stuff that you are giving to a thrift store into toys for your kids! Now I have no reason to buy a pretend one for my little girly.