Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree!

For me, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. And to my husband’s dismay, I love to listen to Christmas music in July. It lifts my spirit and always puts a smile on my face.

But let’s talk Christmas tree.

My husband’s family is big into real, live trees. My family had always used a fake tree from my mother’s childhood until a few years ago when we got tired of pulling out all the scratchy branches and organizing them into piles and trying to fit them into worn down holes in the center pole. (Ahhh… good memories) Needless to say the one she has now goes up much faster especially because its pre-lit. We too have a pre-lit fake tree but this year, since its Quails first Christmas, we thought it might be nice to a real one. So we hoped into Grandpa Hone’s truck and headed over to a National Forest here in Utah.

Now you’re thinking did they just go over and chop down a tree.

Ah no.

That is against the law.

You go to a ranger station and purchase a permit for $10. Then the real fun begins.

I have no clue how long we took to find “the perfect tree,” but we eventually found one in the snow covered mountains. Needless to say, It. Was. Cold.

As we stopped the truck with the promise of finding our tree, I giggled to see writings of lovers past carved into the white trees. I wonder if they ever come back to see how time has embedded their names and grown to become a part of the tree.

*******(Yeah this is where a picture I took is supposed to be… but I don’t know where the files are saved…. Lame… I’ll look for ‘em)

So after hours of hunting, hubby finally found the one. While Grandpa Hone and Uncle Z were searching for the second tree, we cut ours down and hauled it back to the truck.

This is Hubs hard at work cutting down the tree.

**** Picture here….*********

When we got the tree home we had to continue cut a few feet off just so we could fit it into the house.

My advice to anyone getting a real tree, make sure you have gloves!

The smell of pine permeated through out the house. I loved it. It really made me get into the Christmas spirit!
Soon after we got him, the tree, settled in, we wrapped his branches in beautiful lights. It took us 3 strands. Luckily we had new lights my dad had bought after season for $1.50, so we didn't have to deal with any tangled lights.

Quail was excited to help us decorate the tree, but then she got distracted with...
COOKIES!!! So while we were working on decorating the tree, our little girl was working on filling her tummy with Nana's treats!
Can you tell that the sugar rush hit her?

She made a mess everywhere, mushing chocolate chips and cookie crumbs into the carpet. She LOVES chocolate :)

And this is her," Chocolate is the best thing in the WORLD!!!! face." :)

We bought our ornaments a Family Dollar 2 years ago. They are glass so we are teaching Quail to stay away from them... and also there aren't many, if any on the bottom of the tree so that too makes it hard for little hands to get a hold of them.

Don't mind me in my gnome Christmas pjs... I pretty much wear pjs all the time. I love being comfy. And yes. I know they are not that flattering. :P

After hard work and many cookies, we finally finished the tree by putting our angel on the top.
Ta Da! All done! How did your Christmas tree decorating go?

♥ Emily